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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Visiting and Knowing About the Ancient History of Turkey

Go along the Mediterranean countries is not make everybody bored. Every country and city where visited by us always gives a surprise that decorated by the beautiful of culture and history. And all of that make we want to know about it more. One of the countries that have many of unique things is Turkey. Turkey is Eurasia country where the southland of Turkey abutted on Mediterranean Sea. Turkey called Eurasia because geographically Turkey situated between European continent and Asian continent.

Turkey where abutted on Mediterranean Sea have many place where must be visited. But, talking about Turkey, of course we should not be forgotten about ancient history and the culture that can be found all over the city. One of interesting place is Antalya, with the beautiful resorts and amazing sea. Antalya development started in 159 Before Date. When King Attalos II was take hold of the power. And then governed by Roman Empire, Byzantium, and governed by Ottoman Empire.

Not only that, but also historical remains like Aspendos Theater. Although attain the age of centuries but the buildings structure is conserved well. Until now, Aspendos Theater visited by thousands of visitor from the entire of the world every year.

That is the cause, beside we are enjoying the holiday with the comfort resorts, Turkey also offering the experience to go along the amazing sites that still conserved well and enjoy the beautiful of buildings around the city. For the example, Karain Cave about 30 kilometers from Antalya. The cave already existed from the beginning of the Paleolithic.

In the Northbound of Antalya, there are some of old city like Sagalassos that leave the ruins of the ancient Roman Empire. There also Ancient City of Pisidian Antioch, and Ancient City of Yalvac that guessable the city was already exist since 281 Before Date. At the time, the city was a Metropolitan in Roman age and Byzantium.

There are so many amazing places in Turkey that must be visited. As far centuries as, Turkey always become an interesting land that other empire made a pitch for conquer the empire. And all of those histories leave so many relics in the entire of city in Turkey.


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