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Friday, April 15, 2011

A Journey in Alaska, Discover the Wonderful Place in the North Pole

“Freeze”, that is the word that would be imagined in our mind when we hearing about “Alaska”. A territory in the North Pole where covered by snow that very thick and cold as a stone indeed. Half of the Alaska’s territory is covered by coating of ice. In half of a year, the temperature of this territory is below the zero degrees Celsius. In the winter, even the sun is almost unseen for a few days. Conversely, the sun is seen about 20 hours in the summer. The summer is between May until September. Gradually, the temperature is increasing, from 13 – 21 degrees Celsius. The top of the temperature is happened in July.

Alaska is the 49th state of the United States of America. Alaska is situated in the northwest of the North American continent. The landmass of Alaska was about 1.500.000 kilometers square, with the water area about 117.000 kilometers square. And it’s become the largest state in the United States of America.

Alaska is the place to discover the different nature in the world. Snow, iceberg, and tundra are a few things that we can see in Alaska. In large measure, the forest and the mountains it is a wild life. Therefore, the tourists who visit to Alaska would discover the nature view, and also would be seeing some of fauna, like polar bear, grizzly bear, polar deer, eagle, salmon, sea lion, orca, and whale.

The history of Alaska was begin from the moleskin trade, felling of trees, salmon fishing, gold mining, and  massive reserves of crude oil. Since 1900, Juneau, a region where situated about 965 kilometers from Anchorage and 1448 kilometers from Seattle was becomes the Capital. Although, Juneau is the Capital of Alaska State, but Anchorage is the largest city and the city becomes the main gate to Alaska.

The journey in Alaska would be interesting if the tourist follow the shore excursion and sea excursion (cruise). The shore excursion package would be done for five days. The journey has started by bus and tramcar with the glass roof. So, we can to enjoy the view along the journey. This journey becomes more impressive because we lodging in wooden house. All of the lodging for the night and the transportation has managed by the tourist organization that we choose. In the journey we would see the gold mining and enjoy the nature view.

In Alaska, we would also see the Mount McKinley or called “Denali”, the highest and famous mount in United States of America. The summit elevation of Mount McKinley is about 6194 meters above the sea level. Mount McKinley is located in Denali National Park and Preserve. Although the weather of the mountain is extremely cold, but there are many mountaineer come here to climb up the mount.

Several places in Alaska only can be visited by cruise the sea. Other than the air way, sea transport is dominating enough. There are so many Cruisers sailing the sea. The cruisers is able to carry 2500 passengers or thereabouts. The cruising time was about seven days.  There are so many activities to do during the cruising, like swimming, fitness, watching cabaret and film, or make a personal activity.

There are many of glaciers in Alaska. The glaciers have various shapes. And have different names, according to the discoverer’s name. Like College Fjord Glacier, this glacier is melt down like ice cream. Also there Hubbard Glacier, this glacier is pointed in the top. Sometimes, we also see the glacier was sliding. Nowadays, the glaciers are melting down often. This situation is regrettable. This matter is caused by the people, who are not being responsible to the nature, that cause the global warming. So, as the human, we have to care about the nature and save the earth.

The cruiser would be at anchor in Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan. The passengers can to enjoy the additional tour. The interesting experience is seeing orca and whale in their habitat in the sea. The tourist can see Humpback whale and killer whale (Orca). Can be imagined, the whales appear to the surface and splashing. This interesting experience is so amazing.

So, that is the story from Alaska. This amazing and beautiful place has visited by the people from all over the world. In a certain time, we could be seeing aurora that absolutely wonderful. There are many more story that so interesting from Alaska. Alaska becomes the place for the people who want to know much about the wonderful things in the North Pole.



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Koh Chang, a Historic Place and One of The Atractive Places in Thailand

This place is a landmass of 429 kilometers square, and this place is called “Koh Chang”, or called “Elephant Island”. Because one reason, not that the size of the island, but because of the island shape was looked like elephant. Koh Chang is situated at easternmost province of Thailand. And this place is abutted on Cambodia. Koh Chang becomes the 45th of the Thailand National Park. Koh Chang becomes the National Park in 1982. There are also about more than 40 sles around this island (Koh Chang). Koh Chang is the amazing place for the tourists. This island is beautiful and quiet place. So, this island is not like another place, where has many of luxurious hotels, and bars. But, this is a peaceful island. A hilly Island, has the white sand beach, and has the spectacular waterfall.

Not all beautiful beaches are situated at the South of Thailand. In Koh Chang, you can to sunbathe above the white sand, and the white sand is smooth. This is a famous white sand beach, with some of the shops around, restaurant, and a variety of accommodation. Or you also can to enjoy “Klong Prao” Beach, where the beach is not too busy. Also there “Kai Bae” Beach, a popular place for the tourists. This is and pleasant place with many of inexpensive bungalow around.

This is a historic place. Koh Chang was a strategic area when the Indochina War was happening. And this place becomes the theatre of war. The war was between France Navy and Thailand Navy at that time. “Songkhla” and “Chonburi” are two of the battle ship. Both of them become the shipwrecked when the battle was happening around the “Ao Salak Phet” Sea. This is become the attractive spot for diving. For the tourists who not too like venturing on, they can to do snorkeling. After see the place where ever was become the battle location. You also can to visit the battle monument of Koh Chang, to knowing about the history of this island clearly.

The tourists also can to sailing the sea by rent a boat. And visit the other isles in this national park. Koh Chang is a beautiful place. You can try to relaxing your mind by sail boat. Sailing the sea and feel the fresh breeze and enjoy the wonderful sunset. The places where make available the boats are “White Sand Beach”, “Klong Prao”, “Kai Bae”, and “Bang Bao”.

In the tropical forest of Koh Chang we will find many of waterfalls. One of the waterfalls that you have to see is “Than Mayom”. The waterfall has four steps that almost vertical to the granite rock. Even, two of Thailand’s King, King Rama V and King Rama VI make their initial name in the peak of granite rock. Not far from this waterfall, there is “Klong Phlu Waterfall”. This is an amazing waterfall and famous enough.

Have you ridden an elephant? One of the transportation kinds that it may for you can to go into the forest was by ridden an elephant. You can enjoy the atmosphere in tropical forest of Thailand by ridden the elephant. As the name of this island, Elephant Island is the habitat of the many elephants that would be carries the tourist to walking around and enjoys the view of the tropical forest. Elephant is clever and friendly animal. Strong animal that would be carries the tourist to walking around the tropical forest easily.

Not only that, but Koh Chang also become the famous place for the trackers. By the untouchable tropical forest and rich in flora and fauna, this is an interesting place for hiking. Begin at simple route to the more challenging route. The best route is situated at southland of the island. If you lucky, in this route you would be see some of the unique animals.

The islander is still having a traditional life. The people in Koh Chang are able to maintain their traditional life style. And their traditional life becomes the interesting thing for the tourists. You can see and knowing about the fisherman daily life in “Bang Bao” village. The people lived in the houses that built in above the sea front. The houses was made of wood and connected to the each other house by wooden bridge. In “Kok Salak” village, the people also still maintain their traditional life style. Koh Chang is the interesting and attractive place for visited.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Denver Museum of Nature and Science in Colorado

If you want to see and knowing about mummy, you should not be going to Egypt. Because you can went to Denver Museum of Nature and Science in Colorado, one of the state in United State of America (USA). There are two mummies that you can see in Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The mummies derive from 3000 years ago. By following the research, one of the mummies is female that indigenous to king’s family or born in the purple. That was perceptible by looking the fabric which used by the mummy.

In addition to both of the mummies, in the room also show the visible image of ancient Egyptian life, also complete with the miniature of the Egypt situation at that time. Be in the room make the visitors like back to the past. In the room the visitors also will feel the mystical ambience, moreover when seeing the mummies that attain the age of thousands years.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science also had more than one million permanent collections that showed throughout the year. Begin at dinosaur’s replica fossil which the size was drew the full room, many of archaeological things, also the replica of human that exploring the space. Not only had that but also showed the planetarium of solar system.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science was built in 1900, Denver Museum of Nature and Science located in a building with the wide about 4.6 hectares. For the visitors who want to watch history, culture, and science film can watch all of that in IMAX cinema in Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

In Denver Museum of Nature and Science, be sides we can see the history of human culture and civilization, the museum also become a knowledge and education center for the children especially. Therefore, many of students come to this museum to see and knowing about the all of things in Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Same as other museum and another knowledge and education center, Denver Museum of Nature and Science also give some of free days in a year as public services.

The children can study within playing in Denver Museum of Nature and Science. For the example, in the room of space odyssey the children can see and knowing about the expansion of science that realizable by human at this time.

Visit Denver Museum of Nature and Science is so please. Here also there “Food Court” in the first floor of the museum. The visitors can take a rest to have a lunch here. Denver Museum of Nature and Science is very good place for the children. This museum becomes a knowledge and education center for the children. So, many of family came to Denver Museum of Nature and Science to enjoy their holiday with their children.