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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Great Wall, a Legendary Ancient Buildings in the World

The Great Wall was built in 214 Before Christian (BC) by Qin Shi Huang, after he had finished consolidating his regulation and creating a united China for the first time. The wall was designed to stop the raids by the Xiongnu raiders from the north. There are 500.000 laborers were employed while the 32 year building period to create the Great Wall.

Even though the wall worked at keeping out the raiders and enemies, it did not stopping the internal problems which lead to a regime change in 206 Before Christian (BC) and the new leadership of the Han Dynasty. The first Han emperor, Taizong, was quick to see the profits of the wall against the raiders and ordered more walls to stretch out as far as Zhaoxiang, Gansu Province.

In Chinese, the Great Wall called “Wan Li Chang Cheng” the mean is “the Wall with the length as long as ten thousands Li”, (1 Li = 500 meters). The wall is cross nine provinces. The Great Wall of China stretches from Liaoning Province through Hebei Province, Tianjin Municipality, Beijing Municipality, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Shanxi Province, Shaanxi Province, and Ningxia Autonomous Region to Gansu Province in the country of China.

Wrote in some of book, the length of Great Wall is more than 5.000 kilometers. But some of book also wrote that the length of Great Wall is about 6.000 kilometers. The information makes us be confused. Which one is true? Actually, the Great Wall was branching. Totally, length of the Great Wall is 8.858,8 kilometers. The statement publicized in 18 April 2009, the measuring had done by used sophisticated technology. It was a longest buildings. Even in the book of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” wrote that the Great Wall is the only one of the human’s buildings that able be seen from the moon.

Many people believe that, moreover the guides in Great wall often say that story. They say like that as a pride of their culture. But, many people also explain that the story is impossible. Even, by following the Chinese astronaut statement, Yang Liwei, he said that he can not see the Great Wall while he was being in space.

The Great Wall is listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Great Wall of China can be visited at many places along its length of several thousand kilometers. Its situation ranges from excellent to ruined and access from straightforward to quite difficult.

When we had climbed the Great Wall, from the seller around the Great Wall we can to buy some of souvenir and a certificate which state that “I HAVE CLIMED THE GREAT WALL” that wrote in Chinese and English. The certificate price was about US$ 6. The seller will write our full name in the certificate beautifully. Many people had visited the Great Wall, the legendary ancient buildings in the world.



  1. the great wall is a legendary ancient buildings...

  2. It's really amazing. I visited it two years ago!! Fantastic human creation!

  3. so cool...
    one day, i want to go there too...

  4. Nice place!

    I wish you & your family a Happy Easter!

  5. Amazing.........One day...I wish, I can go to The Great Wall......

  6. yeah...
    i want to...
    one day...

  7. Hello my great friend indeed is a pleasure to be here visiting on your site ... God bless you and loves you ..... Wish you beautiful days

  8. thanks for your comment, ivone...

  9. To see this with my own eyes and experince it on my own, is one of the things on my "To Do Before I Die" List <3

  10. yeh i always read that this is one of wonders in the world . Very popular!

  11. Beautiful pictures!
    hope I can go there someday!

  12. beautiful images..i hope to visit it one day..
    me and my blogs are following you now. happy blogging and keep posting nice places!

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