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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mount Sanqingshan, the Spectacular Nature View in China

The name of Mount Sanqingshan is no stranger to people in China even in the world. Mount Sanqingshan was a beautiful blend a number of mount like Mount Hu-angshan, Mount E’Mei, Mount Lushan, and Mount Huashan. The entire of the mount was very beautiful. Mount Sanqingshan comprise of forest, waterfall, and granite rocks that very amazing, also situated a unique characteristic of Taoism culture. Mount Sanqingshan also known as Tao Mountain. All of that becomes a variety of tourism object that make the people who visit here amazed.

Mount Sanqingshan Naional Park was an area about 22.905 hectares that it was one of the world heritage site. The mountain was situated about 50 miles from Yushan, Jiangxi. The mountain ranges are spectacular views. The meaning of Sanqingshan or “San Qing” was “Three Peaks”; that was Yujing Mountain, Yushui Mountain, and Yuhua Mountain. Among the three of the mountain, Yujing Mountain was the top level, about 1.817 meters above the sea level.

The tourists also have a chance to see and enjoy some of natural phenomenon like Sea Cloud, Waterfall Cloud, bright light of Sanqing, and Five Colors of Path on the Cloud, and many more of unique things can you see here. Not only that, in spring, the tourists can to enjoy a view like mount that snow capped.

Mount Sanqingshan known by the people as the spectacular nature view in China. Chinese National Geography has recommend the mount as one of five mounts that most beautiful in China. Even, Chinese Geologist and American Geologist agree that the granite rock of Mount Sanqingshan as the most spectacular granite in West of Pacific Ocean.

Mount Sanqingshan becomes the spiritual center that very important for Tao religion followers. Tao was an ancient culture that so unique in China. Tao buildings was a historic place like Sanqing Temple, Palace of Dragon and Tiger, Pagoda of Wind, and Pagoda of Storm. Tao buildings also has characteristic carving that so interest.

Mount Sanqingshan or San Qing Mountain had registered a National Park of China. It was famous honey pot in China. There are 2.373 species of flora and 1.728 species of fauna in Mount Sanqingshan. Mount Sanqingshan becomes the most multifarious ecology in East Asia. There are 144 flora and fauna that protected by National Key Protection in China.


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